Friday, January 4, 2013

Lucy finally got her brother, named jack

It's been about a year since I wrote my, be gentle post, and here's a little update! IVF worked and we are so excited that we have our Jack here! I'm not sure if anyone ever checks this blog, since I don't update here. But just in case someone does, our hard year, ending with a very happy addition!


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your Be Gentle post and I've shared it with my friends & family, it is so beautifully heartbreaking. I later saw this post, and it put a smile on my face. Hopefully my daughter will soon too, have her little brother.

Pins, Needles, & Kids said...

I'm sitting here bawling through your "be gentle" post and went to the home page just hoping to see good news. I am so extremely happy your Jack came to you and your family! My sister and her husband are going through this right now and today was the day they did their procedure. Please be praying for them